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FREE Nebraska DMV Motorcycle Practice Test 2019 | NE

Here is the free Nebraska State Motorcycle Endorsement Practice Test. This test contains 25 questions based on the Nebraska Motorcycle Operator Manual and have been designed to prepare you for the state exam. All questions cover road rules and best practices for motorcycle drivers. To pass this practice test, you’ll need to answer 20 of 25 questions correctly. If you don’t pass, remember that you can retake this test as many times as you need to before writing the state exam. All of the questions are multiple-choice with four answers to choose from. If you’re not sure of you answer, use the hints below each question to help you. Some hints will help eliminate a choice, while others will help you choose the right answer. Choosing the right answer will take you the next question. If you choose the wrong answer, the right answer with an explanation will be revealed. Successfully completing this test is a good practice step before writing the state exam, but remember that this test is just practice and will not result in a motorcycle endorsement or guarantee you will pass the state exam. Good luck!

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